Career Orientation

We see good career orientation as a cornerstone for a successful careerpath. At a young age everyone should be given the chance to make informed choices that have such a huge impact on life. Unfortunately we often see that young people are ill prepared and feel uninformed in a world that continues to grow more complex. Therefore we have started to focus on making career orientation better...

Current projects and activities

Ingenious Orientation Camps & Seminars

Our orientation camps and seminars have been developed over the last years together with university partners and schools. They are now offered to schools in Germany to improve the quality of career orientation and individualize career planning for every student.

In our Ingenious Orientation Career Orientation Camps & Seminars students compete in different tasks as teams and gain valuable experience and impressions of work related skills. During their activities they progress through all four levels of activities:

  • Exploration of interests and skills
  • Information about opportunities
  • Planning of individual career paths
  • Training for entering the world of work

We believe that our Ingenious Orientation approach is an unparallelled experience and a showcase for high quality career orientation. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in more information about our approach.

If you represent a school we can help you plan the best solution for your situation.

Telephone: +49 (0)221 16820019

Finished projects

European project: We Welcome Work

The We Welcome Work (WWW) project meets the growing needs of high school students/young people who live in a very mobile environment, where time, education and employment are challenging issues.

The Council of Europe has repeatedly stated that it is “committed to building a Europe with and for all young people, who will have access to quality education and training, to decent work and living conditions, as well as developing the conditions to enable them to contribute to the development of society.” Despite these commitments, the supply of apprenticeship and traineeship places in the EU continues to be under-developed. A lack of workplace experience and the related skills and competences is one of the factors contributing to the „skills gap” in the EU today.

The project’s main aim is to facilitate students’ induction into the world of work by connecting the theoretical knowledge they acquire at school with the world of work.

European project: NON-FOR-LESL

NON-FOR-LESL (Non-Formal Learning Can Prevent Early School Leaving) is a European ERASMUS+ project, co-financed through the Erasmus+ Programme. In this project Ingenious Knowledge develops an online tool together with Leibnitz University Hannover (Germany), Platon Secondary School (Greece), Pixel Associazione Culturale (Italy), Emphasys Centre (Cyprus), and Fundatia EuroEd (Romania). The tool will help students make their informally acquired skills visible, supporting their self-esteem and may give them the opportunity to make their informal achievements count. The project's goal is to tackle the challenge of early school leaving. The project will run until December 2017.

European research project: COR-VET

COR-VET (Career Orientation in Vocational Education and Training in Europe) is a Leonardo da Vinci partnership project that focuses on innovative approaches of career orientation for pupils in the field of vocational education and training. Together with the University Paderborn (Germany), European Learning Network (United Kingdom), Kirsehir Provincial Directorship of National Education, and ISCOM (Italy) Ingenious Knowledge will study these approaches and develop them further in order to create best-practice models. Paired with the experiences made during the transfer-processes, these best-practice models can be offered to respective institutions in other EU member countries.