Tomorrow's education solutions

Ingenious Knowledge prides itself in its ability to deliver cutting edge IT solutions and innovative approaches in education. When we look at the way that new generations grow up in a fast moving world we understand the new challenges that education is facing. At the same time we see the immense potential that today's technology can bring. We believe that it's time for modern education approaches to focus on the learners and cater to their specific needs through individualization.

Rasmus Pechuel, CEO

The Ingenious Knowledge team is ready to handle these challenges and create high quality cutting-edge solutions. Our major strength is a tight integration of didactical expertise and technical skills. In order to offer advanced solutions we constantly improve our didactical and technological knowledge and skills. We engage in world class research in cooperation with universities and also participate in scientific conferences and publications. We also make sure that we can offer a wide variety of development, from secure server structures to integrated e-learning systems and apps on mobile devices.

We are excited about tomorrow's opportunities and we are happy to help you find solutions that work for you. Feel free to talk to us!